Currently we’re
in a small town near Ostrava in Czech Republic. I’ve forgot the name though.
Two days ago we played in Velesin, it is an awesome town with 4000 people
living there, and the food and beer was cheap. The venue was really cool as
well. It was small and good furnished, and it was inside an old church in the
middle of the town. The show was fun although it was hard
to communicate with the audience since they didn’t know much English and we
knew very little Czech. The night ended with singing along to songs that people
browsed on YouTube by the computer at the bar. Mackan and Vigge put on Eddie
Meduza – Runkeball and sang along as loud as they could.. . I’ve got it on

Yesterday we
drove even more on small country roads to come here. The weather was crazy,
sometimes very foggy and down to 0,5 degrees Celsius, and even drove thru
landscapes with snow on it.
After some hours we managed to come to a big highway – thank god.
The highway was made of big blocks of concrete that was put next to each other,
so it wasn’t all flat to drive on. When you drove over the edges of the blocks
it sounded like “badunk!, badunk! badunk!”. And after around what seemed like
thousands “badunks!” we got a flat tire.

I pulled
over the car to the side of the highway and we started to change a tire. Unfortunate
for us Statoil forgot to put a warning triangle in a car and the instruction book
for some other things. After a while the police stopped behind us with their sirens
on. Apparently this is a routine every time a car stops at the side of the
highway since it’s not allowed to that. But what we’ve missed was that you had
to have some permit to drive on this wonderful highway. And we didn’t have that
and the police noticed that and gave us a fine for around 40 Euros. Then we got
our spare tire on and continue on our ride. All this managed to happen at rush hour
and at dusk. Awesome.

At the
moment, Mackan, Vigge and Jonte is at some workshop buying a new tire,
apparently the one we got a flat tire with is too destroyed. Also here in the Czech Republic we have been
driving without our GPS since the software doesn’t seem to support Eastern
Europe. That’s been fun.
Joel has also bought a flannel shirt from the local supermarket, success.

Now we’re
sleeping at the promoter Stanley Stars’ place. It is really cool and we love
it. Everyone has their own beds. Tonight we’re playing in Ostrava!

We’ve been
starting to edit a second tour diary, if you’re lucky this will come up today
or tomorrow for you to watch, meanwhile you’ll get some new photos!