Right now
we’re in Vienna. We’ve just left the venue after putting up our gear and now we
are sitting in our room at the hostel listening to Frank Turner and drinking beers. It feels really good to sleep in a
hostel tonight, there’s actually room to walk around in the room and we don’t
have spoon with eachother anymore (although it’s very cosy). Tonight is our
last show in Austria, tomorrow we’re leaving for Czech Republic.

Vienna has
got a lot of traffic and we had a hard time getting a parking space near the
venue. The weather also sucks, it’s around zero degrees Celsius and it’s
snowing! But it immediately turns to
water when it touches the pavement, so it’s the sucky kind of snow mixed with
rain – also known as Slask in Swedish.

we played in Salzburg, and the show didn’t have a good turn-up. It rained like
hell but we rocked the house like always. We are fed up with toast.

Hej då