Finally we
got our shit together and edited a tour video for you. In this video there’s
footage from the first couple of days when everything went wrong. So this is
from went we left Sweden the first time and until we took the ferry back home
to Sweden with a broken car and had to rent a new one. It sucks for all you guys who don’t speak Swedish you won’t be able to
understand anything from this video since we are a bit rusty with the editing.
So no subtitles this time! The next video will be more on the positive side
since our new rental van hasn’t broken down one single time and we love it.

Maybe there
will be subtitles in the next video, or else we will edit a good video
containing clips from the whole tour and subtitles when we get back home from
the tour. Even if you don’t understand any Swedish you might enjoy this video
anyways. Take a look!

So yesterday our show got cancelled, so we headed out on town instead and ate, drank some beers and played pool.

Here is some random pictures from Austria!

David Neumayrs took these took pictures from the show in Hendorff;