Now we’re
in Austria. We’ve had shows at Zone in Wörgl and some youth center in
In Wörgl we had a really great show and we got to play some extra songs since
the audience totally awesome. And we managed to forget our backdrop at the
venue. We bought the backdrop for the tour and have used it three times. And
now we lost it, awesome. We’ll check with the venue tomorrow if it stills
there, so that we can drive back and get it.
At the youth center there were not as many people as in Wörgl but the
crowd were great anyways.

Today we
are not going to play in Salzburg, hopefully. There seems to be a problem with
some permit with the police. So the venue got a fine which sucks. So we’ll just
grab some beers or something. We are staying at Martijns place from United
People Booking who has booked all the shows in Austria and we’re getting
spoiled. We get super good breakfasts and we can play Lucky Luke and some
soccer game on Playstation1.

evening we also invented “The Door Knockers”. It´s an awesome gang that knocks
on peoples doors and hates “The Door Pissers”.
We actually came in to a private party for some guys 20th
birthday by asking if we could knock on his door and then sing happy birthday
in Swedish. Then we got free booze. To sum it up, an awesome night for The Door