Right now we’re sitting in an apartment belonging to Mark who play the drums in Screed.
Luckily for us he was kind enough to let us crash here. We like it.

So, yesterday we were at the eastpak antidote tour watching The ghost of a thousand, Four year strong, Alexisonfire and Anti-flag. It was awesome. We also met up with Chris from Splitside and got to here some pre-production from their new album that they are gonna record in december this year. Chris, who works on the tour is the lucky one out of nine million swedes to work at this tour. One our of nine million! Not bad.
He also writes a blog everyday from the tour, read it here – http://www.myspace.com/theantidotetour

The clock is showing 9.42 and in about 45 minutes we are leaving. Mack the manager has taken a plane down here and we are gonna pick him up at the trainstation before we hit the road to Austria. Hopefully we might have some time to edit an videoblog there.
We’ve managed to convert all the crappy files and now we just gotta edit everything again.