Currently we’re sitting at Burger King in Münich. Yesterday we played in a squat here, and it was really good. The people at the venue were very nice, we got really good food and .. yeah, everything was great.

We got 150€ for playing, which was a good suprise for me because i thought we weren’t going to get anything. And we also sold some merch!
Before our show, the band Screed played. They are going to Austria with us and support us at four of our five shows (I think).
We spend the night at Elias livingroom floor and went up and got ourself the best breakfast this tour. After that we started organizing our t-shirts that had just been in a cardbordbox all crumpled. So we rolled them into small… rolls.
And now it will be easier to find the right size and stuff while selling.

The latest hours today we’ve just been drifting around in Münich. We are waiting for the doors to open for Eastpak Antidote tour. And tomorrow we will head for Austria, but first we will pick up Mack the Manager who has spend the latest days back home in Sweden working.