Seems like we got the luck on our side right now (knock on wood).

The van we got to rent are super awesome, a big freakin Mercedes 9-seater that starts 100% of the times. And there is so much more space to stuff things, we dont need to sit with drums in our laps anymore. It’s all in the back! The car has got the namn DON VITO.

Yesterday was a long long day. We wanted to drive as much as possible and thats what we did. We left Gothenburg 10.30 in the morning and arrived 00.50 in Nürnberg, Germany. We took ferrys Helsingborg-Helsingör and Rödby-Puttgarden. Not every day that you get to drive across three countries. Our manager, Mackan, has stayed home for some work. But he’ll join us later on in Austria!

In Nürnberg we met up with Sonja, a friend of Joel and drank some beers and jägermeister. She took good care of us and even made us sandwiches and soup. We felt like kings. The beer ran out and Kangas and Sonja went out to a local pub and bought beer and smuggled it out of the venue back to her place.

Viktor is still hurting in his chest, and Joel still suffering from a sour throat but we’ll get by.
According to Jonte, Viktor might have a broken rib. Very sketchy and so far unconfirmed.
But kinda rock’n roll.

The time is now 11AM and we’re still in the apartment. We’re are soon gonna head to Münich which is a two hour drive away. Apparently there can be heavy traffic so we won’t take any chances. Today we are playing in Münich and tomorrow we are going to the Eastpak Antidote Tour. Our friend Chris from the band Splitside invited us. Very nice.

Thats all for today.