Hey you all.

So.. this is a recap from yesterday.
The workshop said that they weren’t able to fix Bruno in that small amount of time that we had. So we brought him away from there. We managed to get him started without to put on any lights, so we took our chance to drive 50 minutes to Fredrikshamn and to take the ferry back to Sweden to dump Bruno and get ourself a new rental car and continue with our punkrock jihad thru europe.

So we headed back to the venue to pick up the gear that we left behind after the show, and packed our van at the speed of light. You cant possibly pack it any faster than that we did. And then Bruno wouldnt start.. after some minutes and several attempts later he got his shit together and got started. We headed out on the roads and to Fredrikshamn.
Since we are NEMAS we just missed the ferry with like 15 minutes and had to wait 5½ hours for the next one.

After buying tickets to Sweden we now have 6 euros left from all the payments on the tour. Success. We spend the rest of our money by playing Jack Vegas and bying beer.
Some drank more than others, and some gambled more than others.
Kangas hit the jackpot, more than once.

So, back home in gothenburg a towing truck waited for us at the terminal, haha.
Thats how we roll!

Now we are up with the rooster trying desperatly to find us a big freaking rental car that will take us thru Europe. Apparently this isn’t very easy to find a car in a matter of ours that we can rent until 9th november.
But it seems like we’ve got our first luck this tour.

We now HAVE a van ready and runnin for us now. BADUNGA!
Gotta roll!