Okay, I just wrote an post five minutes ago and of course I managed to close the window and everything was gonna. Back to square one!

At the moment we’re staying in the flat of the owner of yesterdays club. Very cosy.
Since Mackan and Vigge are the two owners of the van they decided that it was a good idea to stay up drinking all night and never go to sleep was the best way to stop their angst. Jonte is feeling like crap and is trying to sleep, Joel has a bit of a sour throat and Kangas woke up with the illusion of sharting in his pants.
Nisse is all fine and dandy, he was supposed to be the designated driver so he didn’t drink anything and slept the whole night like a child.

Now he is out scouting for a new battery for Bruno. We haven’t given up all hope on Bruno, not yet. He might live if he gets a new battery.. hopefully.
Otherwise we’ll try to find a rental car and continue the tour. Cancelling the tour isn’t an option.

We have been editing a video for you, but our editing program sucks and breaks down everytime we try to export it. So i’ll guess we gotta do it all again in another program. So.. be patient!

Say a little prayer for us.