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Keep yourself updated with all the shenanigans that we get ourselves into during our first European tour. Which is taking place during 10/23 - 11/8 2009.

Back home

music Posted on Wed, November 11, 2009 18:22:54

We are back home in Sweden since a couple of days, the drive home went fine except that we managed to get lost at some point. Kudos to us, since we had an working GPS.

Thank you all that have been with us this tour, we had a blast!

Oh well, tourdiary might come up sometime in the future, see ya!

Czech Republic

music Posted on Fri, November 06, 2009 12:38:49

Currently we’re
in a small town near Ostrava in Czech Republic. I’ve forgot the name though.
Two days ago we played in Velesin, it is an awesome town with 4000 people
living there, and the food and beer was cheap. The venue was really cool as
well. It was small and good furnished, and it was inside an old church in the
middle of the town. The show was fun although it was hard
to communicate with the audience since they didn’t know much English and we
knew very little Czech. The night ended with singing along to songs that people
browsed on YouTube by the computer at the bar. Mackan and Vigge put on Eddie
Meduza – Runkeball and sang along as loud as they could.. . I’ve got it on

Yesterday we
drove even more on small country roads to come here. The weather was crazy,
sometimes very foggy and down to 0,5 degrees Celsius, and even drove thru
landscapes with snow on it.
After some hours we managed to come to a big highway – thank god.
The highway was made of big blocks of concrete that was put next to each other,
so it wasn’t all flat to drive on. When you drove over the edges of the blocks
it sounded like “badunk!, badunk! badunk!”. And after around what seemed like
thousands “badunks!” we got a flat tire.

I pulled
over the car to the side of the highway and we started to change a tire. Unfortunate
for us Statoil forgot to put a warning triangle in a car and the instruction book
for some other things. After a while the police stopped behind us with their sirens
on. Apparently this is a routine every time a car stops at the side of the
highway since it’s not allowed to that. But what we’ve missed was that you had
to have some permit to drive on this wonderful highway. And we didn’t have that
and the police noticed that and gave us a fine for around 40 Euros. Then we got
our spare tire on and continue on our ride. All this managed to happen at rush hour
and at dusk. Awesome.

At the
moment, Mackan, Vigge and Jonte is at some workshop buying a new tire,
apparently the one we got a flat tire with is too destroyed. Also here in the Czech Republic we have been
driving without our GPS since the software doesn’t seem to support Eastern
Europe. That’s been fun.
Joel has also bought a flannel shirt from the local supermarket, success.

Now we’re
sleeping at the promoter Stanley Stars’ place. It is really cool and we love
it. Everyone has their own beds. Tonight we’re playing in Ostrava!

We’ve been
starting to edit a second tour diary, if you’re lucky this will come up today
or tomorrow for you to watch, meanwhile you’ll get some new photos!



music Posted on Tue, November 03, 2009 20:40:18

Right now
we’re in Vienna. We’ve just left the venue after putting up our gear and now we
are sitting in our room at the hostel listening to Frank Turner and drinking beers. It feels really good to sleep in a
hostel tonight, there’s actually room to walk around in the room and we don’t
have spoon with eachother anymore (although it’s very cosy). Tonight is our
last show in Austria, tomorrow we’re leaving for Czech Republic.

Vienna has
got a lot of traffic and we had a hard time getting a parking space near the
venue. The weather also sucks, it’s around zero degrees Celsius and it’s
snowing! But it immediately turns to
water when it touches the pavement, so it’s the sucky kind of snow mixed with
rain – also known as Slask in Swedish.

we played in Salzburg, and the show didn’t have a good turn-up. It rained like
hell but we rocked the house like always. We are fed up with toast.

Hej då


music Posted on Mon, November 02, 2009 12:27:51

Finally we
got our shit together and edited a tour video for you. In this video there’s
footage from the first couple of days when everything went wrong. So this is
from went we left Sweden the first time and until we took the ferry back home
to Sweden with a broken car and had to rent a new one. It sucks for all you guys who don’t speak Swedish you won’t be able to
understand anything from this video since we are a bit rusty with the editing.
So no subtitles this time! The next video will be more on the positive side
since our new rental van hasn’t broken down one single time and we love it.

Maybe there
will be subtitles in the next video, or else we will edit a good video
containing clips from the whole tour and subtitles when we get back home from
the tour. Even if you don’t understand any Swedish you might enjoy this video
anyways. Take a look!

So yesterday our show got cancelled, so we headed out on town instead and ate, drank some beers and played pool.

Here is some random pictures from Austria!

David Neumayrs took these took pictures from the show in Hendorff;

Todays show is cancelled

music Posted on Sun, November 01, 2009 17:21:17

Now we’re
in Austria. We’ve had shows at Zone in Wörgl and some youth center in
In Wörgl we had a really great show and we got to play some extra songs since
the audience totally awesome. And we managed to forget our backdrop at the
venue. We bought the backdrop for the tour and have used it three times. And
now we lost it, awesome. We’ll check with the venue tomorrow if it stills
there, so that we can drive back and get it.
At the youth center there were not as many people as in Wörgl but the
crowd were great anyways.

Today we
are not going to play in Salzburg, hopefully. There seems to be a problem with
some permit with the police. So the venue got a fine which sucks. So we’ll just
grab some beers or something. We are staying at Martijns place from United
People Booking who has booked all the shows in Austria and we’re getting
spoiled. We get super good breakfasts and we can play Lucky Luke and some
soccer game on Playstation1.

evening we also invented “The Door Knockers”. It´s an awesome gang that knocks
on peoples doors and hates “The Door Pissers”.
We actually came in to a private party for some guys 20th
birthday by asking if we could knock on his door and then sing happy birthday
in Swedish. Then we got free booze. To sum it up, an awesome night for The Door


Heading for Austria

music Posted on Fri, October 30, 2009 09:45:37

Right now we’re sitting in an apartment belonging to Mark who play the drums in Screed.
Luckily for us he was kind enough to let us crash here. We like it.

So, yesterday we were at the eastpak antidote tour watching The ghost of a thousand, Four year strong, Alexisonfire and Anti-flag. It was awesome. We also met up with Chris from Splitside and got to here some pre-production from their new album that they are gonna record in december this year. Chris, who works on the tour is the lucky one out of nine million swedes to work at this tour. One our of nine million! Not bad.
He also writes a blog everyday from the tour, read it here –

The clock is showing 9.42 and in about 45 minutes we are leaving. Mack the manager has taken a plane down here and we are gonna pick him up at the trainstation before we hit the road to Austria. Hopefully we might have some time to edit an videoblog there.
We’ve managed to convert all the crappy files and now we just gotta edit everything again.

Eastpak antidote tour tonight!

music Posted on Thu, October 29, 2009 17:35:40

Currently we’re sitting at Burger King in Münich. Yesterday we played in a squat here, and it was really good. The people at the venue were very nice, we got really good food and .. yeah, everything was great.

We got 150€ for playing, which was a good suprise for me because i thought we weren’t going to get anything. And we also sold some merch!
Before our show, the band Screed played. They are going to Austria with us and support us at four of our five shows (I think).
We spend the night at Elias livingroom floor and went up and got ourself the best breakfast this tour. After that we started organizing our t-shirts that had just been in a cardbordbox all crumpled. So we rolled them into small… rolls.
And now it will be easier to find the right size and stuff while selling.

The latest hours today we’ve just been drifting around in Münich. We are waiting for the doors to open for Eastpak Antidote tour. And tomorrow we will head for Austria, but first we will pick up Mack the Manager who has spend the latest days back home in Sweden working.


The times are a-changing

music Posted on Wed, October 28, 2009 11:03:09

Seems like we got the luck on our side right now (knock on wood).

The van we got to rent are super awesome, a big freakin Mercedes 9-seater that starts 100% of the times. And there is so much more space to stuff things, we dont need to sit with drums in our laps anymore. It’s all in the back! The car has got the namn DON VITO.

Yesterday was a long long day. We wanted to drive as much as possible and thats what we did. We left Gothenburg 10.30 in the morning and arrived 00.50 in Nürnberg, Germany. We took ferrys Helsingborg-Helsingör and Rödby-Puttgarden. Not every day that you get to drive across three countries. Our manager, Mackan, has stayed home for some work. But he’ll join us later on in Austria!

In Nürnberg we met up with Sonja, a friend of Joel and drank some beers and jägermeister. She took good care of us and even made us sandwiches and soup. We felt like kings. The beer ran out and Kangas and Sonja went out to a local pub and bought beer and smuggled it out of the venue back to her place.

Viktor is still hurting in his chest, and Joel still suffering from a sour throat but we’ll get by.
According to Jonte, Viktor might have a broken rib. Very sketchy and so far unconfirmed.
But kinda rock’n roll.

The time is now 11AM and we’re still in the apartment. We’re are soon gonna head to Münich which is a two hour drive away. Apparently there can be heavy traffic so we won’t take any chances. Today we are playing in Münich and tomorrow we are going to the Eastpak Antidote Tour. Our friend Chris from the band Splitside invited us. Very nice.

Thats all for today.

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